The Messenger

Leaving Aventine

Enter the Messenger

The festival of Raishé has continued for several days. Damakos, Seymor and Roy have somewhat gone their own way during its course.

As the last day dawns, Damakos comes across Seymor entering the blacksmith's house. After a short argument regarding personal and private space, they continue together back towards the town hall. Damakos tells Seymor that he saw Roy go of somewhere with a lovely female elf and didn't see him again.

The town slowly awakens, after four days of feasting, the final day is looking to be somewhat of a drag. Gentle conversation fills the air while people talk in the streets, enjoying the early hours of clarity of mind, not yet addled by alcohol.

As Seymor and Damakos walk together towards the town hall, unbeknownst to them, on the opposite of the street a shorter, cloaked figure is quietly observing the goings on.

Suddenly the streets starts to fall silent and tension starts to creep into the air. The crowd parts as a figure strides calmly determinedly down the street.

It is a tall human male with shoulder-length dark blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. That by itsself isn't jarring, the rest of his appearance however seems completely out of place. He walks calmly, straight backed with a pack and a staff as if nothing is wrong, but his clothes are bloodied, ragged and torn. But the most shocking thing is the emblem emblazoned on his forehead: the mark of The Messenger

Seymor, having gotten bored after days of partying, runs ahead toward the town hall, hidden behind the crowd. Both Damakos and the cloaked figure on the other side of the street wait for The Messenger to pass ahead and follow, shrouded behind the crowd.

Seymor bursts into the town hall, which is still filled with people, and hides in the rafters before The Messenger steps into the hall, the people inside look up, curiosity, fear, confusion and awe in their eyes, as The Messenger walks between the two tables and straight for the mayors office. The people silently up and leave as The Messenger enters the office. Damakos and the cloaked figure sneak in while the crowd files out.

Damakos seeks our Seymor while the office door stays closed. The cloaked figure joins them and introduces himself as Zook, a gnome with a mysterious past which he does not divulge.

The mayor steps out of the office with The Messenger, somewhat surprised to find these two slightly familiar and unknown figures sitting, waiting, in the middle of the room.

The Messenger is on his way to Munsell Lake, two to three days from Aventine, but had lost his escort on the way. He had come to Aventine to seek aid. The mayor asks the Damakos, Seymor and Zook if they're up for it. They accept and set off towards Munsell Lake.


The Messenger has not said a single word.


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